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Procedure Change for Docketing Multi-Part Motions

Monday, January 26, 2015

Procedure Change for Docketing Multi-Part Motions

A multi-part motion is one pleading containing two or more motions/applications. Certain motions and applications are counted statistically and tracked by Congress.  All motions must be docketed correctly.  To correctly docket a multi-part motion, you will need to log in to CM/ECF and docket said multi-part motion through Bankruptcy>Motions then select the first motion/application event, then scroll to next motion/application event and Control+Click on that motion/application event.  Both parts of the motion have now been selected.  Complete the docketing process.

Example 1: Motion for Relief from Stay and Motion for Relief from Co-Debtor Stay. Log in to CM/ECF.  Click on Bankruptcy>Motions and then click on Relief from Stay, then go to Co-Debtor Stay and control+click.  Both Relief from Stay and Co-Debtor Stay have been selected. Complete the docketing process.  

Exception 1: A Motion to Shorten Notice Requirement must be docketed separately.

The preferred way is still to prepare and docket as two separate motions.