Hearings: Appearing by Telephone

Judge Connelly and Judge Black’s Telephonic Appearances:

All requests to appear telephonically must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the hearing, absent extraordinary circumstances.  Resolution of a routine docket matter less than 24 hours prior to the hearing or mere travel distance are not extraordinary circumstances. Please call Chambers or the appropriate courtroom deputy for approval to appear telephonically. 

If approved to appear for a hearing telephonically before Judge Connelly or Judge Black, all requests are to be arranged through the CourtSolutions website, http://www.Court-Solutions.com.

Approved participants are to log into their CourtSolutions account, prior to the hearing time, and access the large orange button entitled “Open Hearing Dashboard” for your dial-in instructions.  Your dial-in instructions will be the same for every reservation you make. 

The cost of each telephonic appearance is a flat fee.

All questions about account setup or the website can be answered at http://help.court-solutions.com or by contacting CourtSolutions at info@Court-Solutions.com.