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CM/ECF Training Information

  1. All electronic filers must attend CM/ECF training, have attended CM/ECF training (any banruptcy court in the country), or currently file electronically in the Eastern District of Virginia Bankruptcy Court. Refer to number 4 of this section for limited filing privileges.
  2. Once all requirements have been met, a login and password will be issued. To view these requirements, see requirements to file electronically.
  3. Training is offered upon request. Please contact Laurrie Morris at 540-282-6247 to set up a training session or if you have any questions concerning the registration process.
  4. Please note that Limited Participants are not required to attend training. The login and password issued allows for limited access to the system for the filing of proofs of claim, reaffirmation agreements, notices. To register please fill out the appropriate Registration Form.
  5. For additional help in filing documents within the CM/ECF Application, refer to the Reference Guides that are available on this website.