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Paying Fees Electronically

When you register for CM/ECF access you will also be given rights to pay for fees online using a credit card through

We have an online tutorial available which will familiarize you with entering credit card payments. See, Pay.Gov Tutorial (Internet Credit Card Payments). Once you have reviewed the tutorial, you are ready to use Pay.Gov.

Guidelines for Payment of Court Fees Over the Internet


  1. As of October 12, 2004, the Western District of Virginia began using a credit card acceptance program. We accept payment for court fees and services by VISA, MasterCard, Novus/Discover, Diners Club and American Express bank cards. (Bank cards are not accepted from debtors).
  2. In the event that a charge against a bank card account is denied, you will be notified immediately to make payment in cash, money order or certified check. This payment will be due immediately. (Any abuse of this privilege will result in your removal from the credit program)