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Resubmitted Orders FAQ

E- Orders and Resubmitted Orders FAQ


  1. Running the Order Query report shows order status of “No Action Taken” what does this mean?

The “No Action Taken” status means that the proposed order was resubmitted (by email) back to the originator of the order because of formatting, or Order errors within the order itself.


  1. I never received the Email when an Order was resubmitted. 

Make sure you look for an email from and a subject line that reads

Subject: Resubmit notice for proposed order for case XX-XXXXXX


Also make sure you do not have any Mail rules setup in your email software that could possibly move the above email address to a Spam folder or Trash folder.  Just double check and make sure you allow the email address


  1. What can I do to make sure I receive emails for orders that are resubmitted through E-Orders?

Make sure you check your email address information within your User Account settings in CM/ECF.  It is very important that you have valid email information entered in the Primary Email address seciton.  If not, you will not receive emails from E-Orders.


Steps to review your User account email information:

  • Login into CM/ECF
  • Choose the “Utilities” menu option
  • Choose “Maintain User Account”
  • Enter your user name, last name, etc.  find your account
  • Click on “Email Information” tab
  • Review your Primary Email address information on this screen and make sure you have vailid email address information listed here.  Please note:  You can enter multiple email address information in the Primary Email section.  Make sure you use a comma between each email address.    E-Orders will only send out emails from the Primary Address section.
  • If you make changes to your email address information you must click on the submit button from the previous screen.  If you do not your changes will not be saved.


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